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Wow...September already..

I personally love September because #1 it is my birthday month and #2 the weather starts to change and I love it! This is also a great time to take your workout outdoors if you are not a huge fan of sweating to death in 90 degree weather! With the changing weather though, comes changing skin! My skin gets dry everywhere.. I love doing mini facials and hair masks and lathering moisturizer on at night (I feel like a slip and slide hahah) I have made a list of some of my favorite skincare products that help keep me moisturized and looking as young as possible at 38 (ah)

1. Hydropeptide face lift moisturizer ..I feel like I look ten years younger when I wake up

2. Bliss mighty marshmallow mask (can buy cheap at target) and its ahhmazing!!!

3. I love using eye masks (any cooling ones and anti puff) I use them almost every night or morning ..I mean is there such a thing of over use to help with under eye bags?! Try Peter Thomas Roth 24K Gold

4. Just started using for a ton of moisture Dr. Brandt Hydro Biotic Sleep recovery mask..I keep it on all day that I am working from home or when I dont plan n putting anything else on my skin! Wow really loving this so far..

Let me know what some of your favorite skincare products are!!

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