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Has working out become more like a job?

Have you ever felt like getting older and life getting in the way is making working out seem more like a chore and less fun? When Im in the gym it can feel very much like a job (which it is haha) and not so fun. Doing something every day like any job can feel repetitve and lose its charm. Some days the fun is just not there. I am just going through the motions.

I like to change up my routine to avoid this from happening. I will take a few days out of the gym and take a hot yoga class, pilates or kickboxing. Dong these classes puts me in a group setting and is challenging because its out of the norm. My body reacts well to new things and new movements. I rarely do cardio, so I feel like when I do it helps me really lean out.

Being over 30 my routine has changed and the weights but it’s not an excuse to not challenge and push myself. SO, if you are like me..keep going and pushing. Take a class, try pilates, swimming or spinning. Your body and mind will thank you.

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