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CELLULITE: Why did I let it control my self esteem?

Cellulite is unsightly. That is the truth. It makes us uncomfortable and self-conscious. Have I ever opted not to buy or wear a really cute outfit because it showed my lumps? Hell yes.

It took me years and years, like 35 of them to be comfortable in my own skin. I would never wear shorts, or skirts or bikinis. Then one day I thought what the fuck am I doing? Who am I trying to impress. I love my body and I work hard for it so why the fuck am I hiding it? Because of some lumps that like 90% of the female population have?

Before I had this confidence though, I did everything. Creams, cupping, massaging, vela shape. All with no results. I did the scrubs with caffeine in the shower (still do sometimes haha) and anything that said anti cellulite. I spent a lot of money. Do I regret it? No, because if I didn’t try I would be wondering if it would have worked.

I do believe however, that frequent massages and cupping treatments along with dry brushing, lots and lots of water and working out can help reduce the appearance of it!

Truth is, cellulite has no cure. Sure we can exercise and diet to make it look less lumpy and bumpy but it will always be there. The best thing to do is pretend that its not. To own your body and have confidence. Confidence is way more beautiful and no one will be looking or caring, about some cellulite on your ass.


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