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Bone Broth: What exactly is it and what does it do?

Bone broth is a liquid containing the connective tissue and brewed bones of certain animals. Animals like chicken, cows and fish. Does this sound appetizing? Maybe to some definitely not to a vegetarian! However, this liquid has many health benefits that may be worth putting the squeamish description aside.

Bone broth contains a ton of collagen from the tissues and bones. And, women especially are always chasing ways to replenish our collagen! It is very nutritious and contains numerous vitamins and minerals.

If you suffer from digestive issues like I do, bone broth may help with that as well. The broth helps with leaky gut, diarrhea, inflammation and even constipation (hallelujah)

Bone broth can help protect your joints and strengthen your bones.

Even though he soaking of animal bones and tissues may not sound all that appealing, all the benefits of this liquid certainly do!

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